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Textile Artist & Designer


Madeleine Heath

Poem written for MA Graduate piece My Life in Muted Colours

My Life in Muted Colour

I am blue.

Like water it reflects my personal state, 

My sense of self.

I am blue.

I am the blue

Of the tears that fill this water

Tears sprung from the love that left.

I am falling through the white abyss of time 

Not knowing where I'll fall.

I am white and blue,

Numb to the dreams I once had.

I am the green of my mothers nurturing love,

As a gardener she tends to me

And aids me in my growth,

Her ambition to see me thrive

I am white with fear of loosing her.

I am the red.

Of the blood that pumps around my battered heart.

Red from the stain left on my heart,

By the tulips in my aunts window box.

I long to be yellow.

To reflect the joy

That radiates from the smiles of my siblings,

Bathing me in the warmth of their suns.

I am the remnant of the buttercups yellow,

That shone on my face as a child,

Promising a life of joy and prosperity.

I am pink

From the inner child kept alive,

Identifying with the beauty in being feminine.

In being herself.

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